• History of Neuroscience

While we are witnessing a stormy development of neuroscience, the exhibition ’’History of Neuroscience’’ intends to look back at those philosophers, doctors and scientists who have incorporated their findings into the foundations of the field. The Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (FENS) focuses on the history of neuroscience, and presents papers dealing with this topic (History Corner) each year at their conferences. The exhibition consists of the best posters selected by the FENS History Committee. From July 1 – 7, from 10-17h in the Music Gallery of the Foundation Ilija M. Kolarac, our volunteering guides will inform the visitors with the prominent scientists, pioneers in neuroscience investigations in the countries that are organizers of FRM2019: Serbia, Turkey and Romania.

    • Workshop on Depression

Student Section of the Serbian Neuroscience Society organized the workshop on depression in the Fifth Belgrade Gymnasium (May 31). This is a part of Section’s continuing efforts to reach the adolescents that face different life challenges going through this turbulent period. The focus is put on reducing the stigma related to mental health issues, conversation about emotions and reconstruction of various fictional and real life characters who faced problems alike. A segment of the workshop was dedicated to artist interpretations of depression and sadness. Also the workshop aimed to make distinction between different emotions and explain major depressive disorder as a term. Information on Serbia Suicide Hotline was disseminated. Other topics included: risk factors for developing depression in life, how lifestyle changes could help, how antidepressants work.

    • All Sides of Neurosciences

“All Sides of Neurosciences” is a lecture series organized by Serbian Neuroscience Society in cooperation with Center for the Promotion of Science (CPN).
Coming right after the Brain Awareness Week, organized traditionally by the Student Section of our Society, this lecture series represents our continuing efforts in promotion of Neuroscience.

Our lecturers are distinguished professors and scientists of the University of Belgrade. Rather than presenting basic research in neuroscience, we decided on the intersection of neuroscience with various research done by psychologists, astrobiologists or engineers. Seven lectures will address the following subjects: the role of genes and genomic changes in the evolution of the human brain; the question of the existence of intelligent life in the space; the most common misinterpretations on brain structure and functions; will neuroscience of the future be able to explain and prevent aberrant human behaviors; the neural correlates of language; neuroesthetics and our experience of beauty and biomimetics and how neuroscience contributed to the technological developments. Lectures are intended for general public and will be held on Thursdays, starting with March 21, on the premises of CPN.

    • Brain Awareness Week in Belgrade
      March 11-16, 2019

Student Section of the Serbian Neuroscience Society brings another, 8th Brain Awarenes Week (BAW) to Belgrade. This year, Student Section also celebrates 10 years of work. Congratulations!

Under the title: “Life of one brain”, BAW2019 brings an interactive exhibition, series of interesting lectures and workshops for kids. Full programme is available at: https://neuronauke.org/2019/03/05/nedelja-svesti-o-mozgu-2019-zivot-jednog-mozga/.

As FRM2019 is approaching, Serbian Neuroscience Society and the Student Section are actively preparing other events aimed to reach general public. Starting with BAW, we have dedicated this whole year to promotion of neuroscience in Serbia.